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“Does Post suck?” is a question that plagues many men (and women) of all ages, and it has even become more prominent over the last few years as many of us out there have become quite good at playing the game. The truth of the matter, however, is that while there are some aspects to it that are fairly interesting – like what happens when you get a little too excited – there are also several key aspects that really should be taken care of. Here are the four main reasons why you need to stop doing it.

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First, you can’t expect to have any real success in bed when you’re constantly thinking about your man and his penis. Yes, the whole idea behind the sucking scene is that a man wants to please his woman and therefore should “suck her cock.” But in reality, this is a mistake. Not only does he not want to please his partner, but he also has no desire to do so. As a result, when he’s engaged in a lovemaking session, he’s really just focusing on himself and not the actual act of sex itself.

In order for your man to have any real success with the whole concept of oral sex, he needs to spend lots of time getting to know you first. Most women don’t like it when a man is spending a lot of time just wandering around the room looking at them and asking questions. He needs to build a relationship first with a woman before he gets to her level. This will help him become familiar with her body and how she reacts to certain sexual tones and techniques.

Second, the act of sucking is only one aspect of foreplay; in fact, it’s only a part of it. A lot of the time, women really don’t like the idea of a man “sucking” her. But if your man has been properly introduced to the idea and showed that he is, in fact, able to do it, then he’s halfway there. It’s about being skilled at oral sex and being able to take care of the woman’s clitoris. If he hasn’t done so, then it’s about him learning.

Finally, it’s important for the guy who wants to do oral sex on his partner to be confident. If you’re nervous or shy or if you’re not sure about what you’re doing, then your performance won’t be as good. It can go both ways. If you don’t get comfortable enough to do it, your partner may feel that she’s not worth anything without you. On the other hand, if you come across as too shy or nervous, it’s going to hurt your partner’s feelings, and it might make her feel that you’re not enjoying the moment.

Take these things seriously. Do your homework. Know what you are doing. Be confident. Have fun!

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